Hamilton buffer

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  • Long shelf life
  • Stable in contact with air
  • Comfortable calibration
  • Compliant with ISO, NIST, GLP, GMP
  • Insensitive to fungi and bacteria
  • Various pH and capacities


Thanks to the modified composition of the buffer solutions, it has become possible to achieve very high stability of pH values. The shelf life of pH buffer solutions is guaranteed for up to 60 months from the date of manufacture. In addition, the use of preservatives has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect.

Buffers available:

- pH 1.09  ( 500ml)
- pH 2.00  ( 500ml)
- pH 3.06  ( 500ml)
- pH 4.01  ( 250ml, 500ml)
- pH 5.00  ( 500ml) 
- pH 6.00  ( 500ml)
- pH 7.00  ( 250ml, 500ml) 
- pH 11.0  ( 500ml) 
- pH 12.0  ( 500ml)

Buffers are supplied with a manufacturer's certificate. For buffers marked with *, a certificate issued by a laboratory accredited for pH measurement (Zentrum fur Messen und Kalibrieren GmbH accredited by Deutscher Kalibrierdienst DKD: DKD-K-06901).

Buffers are also available in economical packaging with an insulated dispenser in a specialized bottle. The bottle allows you to dispense exactly the amount of buffer you need, while keeping the remainder out of the air.


Please provide the specific parameters of the buffer in the "Additional Notes" to the request for proposal.

Model Parameter
Model 1 1.09-12 pH

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