Densimeter for calcium milk

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  • Measurement of the density of lime milk
  • Measuring range 1,000-1,3000 g/cm3
  • Accuracy of measurement 0.005g/cm3
  • Reference temperature 20°C
  • Areometric graduatio

Calcium milk densimeter is designed to measure the density of lime milk. The reading should be carried out at a temperature equal to the reference temperature of 20°C and within the range of the areometric scale. The correct reading of the concentration of the solution is obtained at the top reading.

Technical specifications:
  • Measurement range 1,000-1,3000 g/cm3
  • Elemental division 0.005g/cm3
  • Reference temperature 20°C


Please specify the measurement ranges you are interested in in the "Notes to the Request for Proposal".".


Model Measurement range [o]
Model 1 1,000-1,3000 g/cm3