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  • Measuring the concentration of aqueous sucrose solutions
  • Baling scale
  • Aerometric graduation
  • Measurement range -5÷35%
  • Elementary scale interval 1 Blg
  • Reference temperature 20°C

Areometer or sugar indicator is designed to measure the weight concentration of aqueous sucrose solutions. The scale is expressed in degrees of Baling (°Blg). The reading should be carried out at a temperature equal to the reference temperature of 20°C and within the range of the areometric scale. A correct reading of the concentration of the solution is obtained with the top reading. To take a measurement, fill a menzotube, test tube or tall transparent glass with the solution and gently immerse the indicator so that it does not touch the bottom and walls of the vessel. The reading at which the depth of immersion is determined by the top edge of the liquid meniscus formed at the stem of the areometer.

Technical specifications:

- Blg measurement range -5÷35%
- Elementary unit 1 Blg
- Reference temperature 20°C


Please specify the measurement ranges you are interested in in the "Notes to the Request for Proposal".

Model Measurement range [o]
Model 1  -5÷35% Blg

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