Salt meter

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  • Measurement of the concentration of aqueous salt solutions
  • Aerometric graduation
  • Measuring range 0 ÷ 350 kg/m3
  • Measurement accuracy 5 kg/m3
  • Reference temperature 20°C

Salt meter are used to measure the weight-volume concentration of aqueous salt solutions. The reading should be taken at a temperature equal to the reference temperature of 20°C and within the range of the areometric scale. A correct reading of the solution concentration is obtained for the top reading (the reading at which the depth of immersion is determined by the top edge of the liquid meniscus formed at the stem of the areometer).

Technical specifications:

  • Measuring range 0 ÷ 350 kg/m3
  • Elementary plot 5 kg/m3
  • Reference temperature 20°C
  • Temperature measuring range(only for thermosolometers) 0+30oC
  • Temperature elementary plot (thermosolometers only) 1oC
  • Solvimeters and thermosolometers are not subject to legalization

 Please specify the measurement ranges you are interested in in the "Notes to the Request for Proposal".

Model Measurement range [o] Model
SOL10350 0 ÷ 350 kg/m3 Salt meter
SOL00060 0-60 kg/m3/ 0,995-1,040 g/cm3 Salt meter
TSOL0350 0-350 kg/m3 thermo-salt meter

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