Oil pumps RE series

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  • High performance
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Safety class IP 40
  • Pump filled with oil, ready to use
  • CE mark
  • User manual
  • Warranty 12 months with possibility of extension

High-performance oil pumps with an extremely compact design and low weight. They are ideal for laboratory processes that require low end vacuum at medium flow rates. They have an innovative component lubrication system. The large oil volume extends oil change intervals and service intervals and protects the pump during startup. After shutdown, the pump is vacuum sealed, protecting the application from unwanted venting or backflow of oil.

Basic pumps

Max. pumping speed at 50 Hz in m³/h

up tp 2x10-1 mbar

RE 2.5


RE 2.5

RE 6


RE 6

Technical data:

  • Single-stage vacuum pumps
  • Pump flow rates: from 2.3 to 8.9 m3h
  • Final vacuum from 3x10-1(RE 2.5 model) mbar to 1x10-1(RE 6 and RE 9 models) mbar
  • High tolerance to water and solvent vapor due to large volume gas ballast
  • Quiet operation and excellent vacuum, even with gas ballast
  • Active corrosion protection: when the pump is switched off, the oil cycle closes with a vacuum before corrosive gases and oil contaminants enter the tank
  • New lubrication circuit design and large oil volume ensure longer oil change intervals and service intervals
  • Compact design, low weight and easy handling due to telescopic design
  • Very good final vacuum even with gas ballast

Optional equipment:

  • Shut-off valves e.g. VS 16, cat. no.: 20665004
  • FO oil mist filters for R 2 / 2.5 / 5 / 6 pumps, cat. no.: 20698003, for R 8 / 9 / 16 pumps, cat. no.: 20698017,
  • Separators installed on pump inlets AK for R 2 / 2.5 pumps, cat. no.: 20698000, for R 5 / 6 pumps, cat. no.: 20698006, for R 8 / 9 / 16 pumps, cat. no.: 20698007
  • Vacuum valves e.g. VACUU-VIEW EXTENDED for process vacuum monitoring, cat. no.: 20683210

More information available on the manufacturer's website: www.vacuubrand.com
  • Vacuum controllers to monitor and control process vacuum
  • Small flanges with hose spigot
  • Rubber vacuum tubes
  • Stainless steel tubes
  • Rotary pump oils B, K8 or perfluoropolyether oil, oils available in different capacities
Model Performance [dm3/h]
RE 2.5 pump Cat. no.: 20697150 2,3/2,8 m3/h
RE 6 pump Cat. no.: 20697160 5,7/6,8 m3/h

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