Vacuum network VACUU-LAN

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  • Quiet operation
  • Needs-oriented design
  • Prevention of mutual interference
  • Reduced maintenance, energy, operating costs
  • Modularity
  • System flexibility


VACUU - LAN ® vacuum networks allow you to use several different modules with a single vacuum pump. This is a money- and space-saving solution when multiple users are working in vacuum in one lab. Vacuum outlets at workplaces can achieve very versatile modules that are easily expandable. All network components are available for both new laboratory furniture and there is an option to adapt them to existing installations. The modules are highly resistant to chemicals and also have built-in check valves to prevent contamination of neighboring modules.

VACUU LAN modules are leak-tested and ready to connect. They can be surface-mounted, installed in furniture or mounted through walls. Because of their flexibility, they blend well with new laboratory furniture and also allow easy expansion of existing networks. The components can also be relocated if the lab changes its location. VACUU - LAN ® modules are built modularly to provide a greater variety of connection-ready combinations.

Step 1: Selecting the appropriate mounting base
Mounting bases are the link between the vacuum network tubes and the VACUU LAN ® control modules .The main criterion for selecting the appropriate A1 or A5 mounting base is whether VACUU - LAN ® is planned for a new laboratory or for upgrading an existing laboratory or vacuum network.

A1 mounting base
The A1 mounting base is designed to retrofit vacuum networks in an existing laboratory. The vacuum network tubes will be placed in a prominent position on laboratory furniture or on the walls.

Mounting base A5

Mounting base A5 is designed for mounting vacuum networks in laboratory furniture. The network cable is laid behind the walls or under the worktop. The vacuum ports are mounted from the front.

Step 2: Vacuum ports: Select modules according to the function of operation

Manual flow control module VCL01
Module with manual flow control to open / close the vacuum line and to control the flow rate VCL02
Electronic vacuum control module with VACUU controller - SELECT® VCL-B10
VCL-B11 electronic vacuum and manual flow control module
Module with closing valve VCL K
Manual flow control module with vacuum display VCL RMS
Fume cupboard modules for manual flow control VCL AR
Hose spigot VCL A
CVC 3000 workstation controller

Step 3: Piping: Choosing a PTFE pipe
• Piping length (m)
• Connecting elements (corner connectors, T-connectors, extensions)

Advantages of Local VACUU LAN:

Quiet operation
Each VACUU LAN® is operated by an oil-free, chemical-resistant pump that operates well below silent, direct call. Replacing numerous independent pumps, the local vacuum network contributes to a quiet, pleasant laboratory environment.

Optimal, needs-oriented design
The system provides vacuum on the scale of actual user requirements. Suction capacity and final pump vacuum can be selected based on the applications intended for each laboratory.

Prevention of cross-interference
Cross-contamination between applications is minimized by the reliable response of check valves, which are integrated into vacuum connections and facilitate clean recycling of used solvents. Uncontrolled solvent emissions are kept to a minimum.

Reduced maintenance, energy and operating costs
The surfaces of vacuum tubes and spigots that come into contact with corrosive media are made of fluoroplastic and similar materials with high chemical resistance. They can be easily disassembled without the use of special tools for cleaning by laboratory personnel. The mains pump operates only when needed. Energy costs are therefore reduced and maintenance intervals extended.

Modularity and flexibility of the system
The system can be easily expanded and the vacuum ports modified if requirements change. There are built-in and add-on components that can be seamlessly placed and flexibly connected by pipe to existing laboratory or wall components.
Model Description
Model 1 Vacuum network VACUU-LAN