Centrifuges 54/55/56 series

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  • Small size and ease of use
  • Simple control system
  • Centrifugation time adjustment
  • Lid locking while spinning
  • Start lock when lid is open
  • Emergency opening of the lid

A series of small benchtop laboratory centrifuges. They are widely used in medical, veterinary, biochemical, industrial and other laboratories. They provide simplicity of operation with minimal centrifuge dimensions.

The MPW-54 centrifuge is a simple ventilated centrifuge for basic medical and veterinary applications. The MPW-55 is a digital microcentrifuge. MPW-56 is a digital centrifuge for routine work with the ability to centrifuge microtubes.



  • lid locking while spinning
  • lock start with open lid
  • emergency opening of the lid


Product complies with international safety standards EN-61010-1 and EN-61010-2-020, EN-61010-2-101


Technical specification:

Model MPW-54 MPW-55 MPW-56
Max. RPM [rpm] 3 500, 5 800 14500  6 000
RCF [x g] 1 137, 3 122 15279 3340
Volume [ml] 120 48 120
Dimensions HxWxD [mm] 180 x 220 x 270
Weight [kg] 4 5 4
Operating time 1min ÷ 30min, step 1min 15s ÷ 99 min 45s, or ∞, step 15s 15s ÷ 99min 59s, step 1s
Power [W] 60 95 70
Power supply 100-230V, 50/60Hz
Feature LCD display, centrifugation time adjustment
Security lid lock, emergency lid opening


Model Capacity Other
MPW-54 90 ml RPM 3500 or 5800
MPW-55 48 ml Rotation 14500
MPW-56 90 ml RPM 6000