MPW centrifuges with cooling and heating

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  • With cooling and heating
  • Temperature +4°C provided for maximum speed of each rotor
  • 99 user programs
  • 10 acceleration/deceleration characteristics
  • HOLD continuous operation mode
  • SHORT mode operation
  • RPM/RCF adjustment
  • Large LCD graphic display

MPW-260RH and MPW-352RH centrifuges are laboratory centrifuge models with cooling and heating functions.
They feature precise temperature stabilization in the range of -20 °C to 55 °C. They have the function of adjusting the centrifugation time and counting the effective centrifugation time. They work in HOLD continuous time mode and SHORT short-time mode. A wide range of rotors and additional equipment is available for these models.

Additional features:

  • Delayed start function, start after reaching a certain temperature
  • pre-cooling with FAST COOL spinning
  • modern programming system
  • simultaneous indication on the display of the set and current value of speed, RCF, time, temperature
  • programming of multi-step acceleration/deceleration characteristics
  • two modes of time counting: from pressing the start key or from reaching the preset speed
  • possibility to change parameters during centrifugation
  • auto identification of the rotor
  • automatic opening of the cover
  • recording of centrifugation parameters - MPW Editor program - PC (USB)
  • blocking of selected functions, access protection by means of password
  • programmed density setting for samples > 1.2g/cm3 (with automatic adjustment of maximum speed)
  • stainless steel centrifugation chamber
  • wide range of rotors and additional equipment
  • change of menu language PL, EN, ES, PT, IT, DE, RU, SE, FR

Technical specification:

Model MPW-260RH MPW-352RH
Max. RPM [rpm] 18000  18 000
RCF [x g] 24270 30065
Volume [ml] 500 1000
Dimensions HxWxD [mm] 315 x 365 x 660 380 x 443 x 695
Weight [kg] 43.9 65.7
Operating temp. [°C] -20 ÷ +55
Operating time 1s ÷ 99h 59min 59s + ∞, step 1s
Power [W] 800 980
Power supply 230V 50Hz/60Hz
Features modern programming system, maintenance-free induction motor, wide range of available rotors
Security unbalance indication, lid locking, emergency lid opening
Model Capacity Power Temperature [° C]
MPW-260RH 500 ml 800 W -20 ÷ +55
MPW-352RH 1000 ml 980 W -20 ÷ +55

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