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  • Full automation
  • Heating and cooling cycle
  • Data logger
  • Temperature probe
  • Touch screen with several languages to choose from
  • Milk bottle agitation to ensure uniformity
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Possibility to change the immersion level of milk bottles during cooling
  • Simple installation
  • Meets all global milk bank standards
  • Global market leader

Pasteurization of breast milk facilitates the maintenance of immune factors. They can otherwise be destroyed by exposure to high temperatures. The process also eliminates HIV and CMV. Sterifeed's pasteurizers meet all National Institutes of Health criteria and clinical standards created by the Human Milk Bank. In particular, the requirements for rapid cooling, defined as a drop in milk temperature to 25°C, in less than 10 minutes, resulting in a temperature of less than 4°C during the pasteurization process. The above temperatures should be achieved before the milk bottles are placed in the refrigerator.

Model T30 S90E co S180E co
Dimensions L x W x H [cm] 110 x 60 x 45 60 x 70 x 92 100 x 70,5 x 92
Volume 12 x 250 ml
12 x 130 ml
36 x 130 ml / 250 ml
96 x 50 ml
for capped bottles: 72 x 130 ml
72 x 130 ml / 250 ml
192 x 50 ml
for capped bottles: 144 x 130 ml
Bottle baskets standard universal for 12 bottles 130/250ml ordered separately
Energy consumption 2400 [W] 5500 [W]
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz

Model Capacity
T30Human 3 L
S90Eco 9 L
S180Eco 18 L

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