POD 410 heater

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  • heating of samples with dry, hot air
  • precise temperature controller
  • Pt100 resistance sensor
  • chamber made of stainless steel
POD 410 bottle warmer

The POD 410 bottle warmer uses dry, hot air to heat samples - without using water. It is equipped with a high-precision temperature controller along with a Pt100 or equivalent type resistance sensor. The display allows you to control the current temperature as well as the set temperature.

- heater chamber material - stainless steel
- thermo-circulation system - heating and even air movement in the chamber
- overheating protection system
- heating lock - activates when the set temperature is exceeded by 2°C or when the threshold of 40°C is exceeded

Technical specification:
Parameter Value
External dimensions [mm] 296 x 288 x 230
Internal dimensions [mm] 434 x 370 x 250
Temperature range [°C] from 5 above ambient temperature to 40
Power supply AC [V] 230
Frequency [Hz] 50 
Tank volume [l] 18,5
Temperature distribution [°C]


Display 2 x 4 digit - LED
Measuring element Pt 100
Model Temperature range [° C] Dimensions
POD 410 heater from 5 above ambient temperature to 40 434 x 370 x 250 [mm]

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