TLV-FA Autoclaves

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  • The integrated steam generator
  • Touch control panel
  • Antibacterial filter
  • Computer connectivity
  • Exhaust gas filtration

TLV-FA Autoclave Series with Rapid Cooling System

The TLV-FA series of autoclaves is ideal for sterilizing liquids, thanks to its high-speed system. It offers versatility for both solid items and liquids. The sterilization of liquids is a complex process that demands precise temperature control of the liquid and proper management of thermal equilibrium during different phases, all within the shortest possible time.


Key Features:

  • Integrated steam generator (separated within the housing) with automatic drainage
  • 7-inch capacitive color touchscreen
  • Computer connectivity, cloud access, intranet, LIMS
  • Bactericidal filter
  • Automatic locking/unlocking system with mechanically assisted doors
  • Wheels with brakes
  • Exhaust air filtration
  • Water-cooled discharge
  • Cooling coil circuit
  • Internal radial fan
  • Flexible PT-100 temperature sensor
  • Air balast

Technical specification TLV FA

Operating Temperature Range

100 - 140 ºC

Maximum Temperature/Pressure

143 ºC / 2,9 barg
Integrated steam generator separated in the housing yes

Fast cooling


Exhaust air filtration


Auto-refill: automatic supply of purified water for steam generation


Construction of the lid and pressure vessel

316 l

Automatic microprocessor control


Water ring vacuum pump


Internal radial fan


Flexible PT-100 temperature sensor


Number of sterilization programs


Calculation of FO values in combination with a flexible PT-100 sensor

Model Dimensions Capacity Scale Voltage
TLV FA 50 400 x 450 mm 56 l 140 Kg 230 (1P+N+E) V
TLV FA 75 400 x 650 mm 81 l 150 kg 230 (1P+N+E) V
TLV FA 110 500 x 600 mm 118 l 195 Kg 400 (3P+N+E) V
TLV FA 150 500 x 850 mm 155 l 210 Kg 400 (3P+N+E) V

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