Testo 831 thermometer with 2-point laser viewfinder

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  • Measurement range: -30 to +210 °C
  • 30:1 optics
  • Two-point laser viewfinder
  • HOLD function
  • Display of max/min values.
Thanks to the 30:1 optics used, the testo 831 thermometer has a measuring point diameter of 3.6 cm at a distance of 1 m. As a result, even small objects, such as yogurt cups, can be easily measured at a distance.

Using a 2-point laser sight, the diameter of the measurement point is accurately represented, eliminating measurement errors. With a rate of two measurements per second, the Testo 831 pyrometer is so fast that it takes a few seconds to scan an entire pallet or refrigerated cabinet.

Technical specification

Testo 831
IR measurement range

-30 to +210 °C


±1,5 °C or ±1,5 % measured value (-20 to +210 °C)

±2 °C or ±2 % measured value (the rest of range)

IR resolution

0,1 °C


190 x 75 x 38 mm

Battery life

15 h
Dispaly LCD

Protection class

Model Temperature [° C]
Testo 831 -30 to +210 °C

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