Testo 805i controlled by smartphone

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  • Non-contact surface temperature measurement
  • Simple selection of emissivity factor
  • 8-point laser viewfinder
  • Collaborative measurement performance with a smartphone
The testo 805i pyrometer, together with cooperation with a smartphone or tablet, is ideal for taking temperature measurements of wall surfaces, electrical systems, heating or air conditioning components.
The measurement area is precisely marked with an eight-point laser targeting device, which ensures high precision in taking measurements.

Using the mobile application "testo Smart Probes App", the user has the opportunity to conveniently read the measured values. The app guarantees the possibility of using a camera and placing the taken photos in the measurement report. The photo indicates the object to be measured and the exact place of measurement will be indicated thanks to the 8-point laser sight.

Combined with the simultaneously used Testo 605i SmartProbe, you can easily and clearly find and diagnose areas potentially at risk of dampness.

With the mobile application, the results are presented in the form of a list, chart or table. They can be sent via email, as a PDF or Excel file.

Minimum requirements:
- iOS 8.3 or later
- Android 4.3 or later
- Bluetooth 4.0

Technical specification 805i

IR measurement range

-30 to +250 °C


±1,5 °C or ±1,5 % measured value (0 to +250 °C)

±2 °C (-20 to -0,1 °C)

±2,5 °C (-30 to -20,1 °C)


0,1 °C

Battery life

30 h


140 x 36 x 25 mm

Weight 97 g
Model Temperature [° C]
testo 805 i -30 to +250 °C

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