DT series digital thermometer

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  • Temperature measurement in °C
  • Display resolution 0.1 °C
  • ON/OFF button
  • HOLD button,
  • LCD display 3
  • Housing 150x82x29 mm
  • Degree of protection of housing IP66
  • Sensor cover made of acid-resistant steel


DT-34 thermometer is designed for use in laboratories, food industry (for smokehouse, meat, baking, frozen food), pharmaceutical industry and transportation to control and measure temperature in the range of .It is made in a special industrial casing made of ABS plastic with high mechanical strength. The design of the thermometer uses special seals, making it resistant to dust, dirt and water. The special design of the probe made of acid-resistant steel is suitable for fast temperature measurement.

The probe handle is made of two materials PP hard plastic and flexible polyurethane, which protects the cable from mechanical damage because it behaves like a flexible bend. A typical ST01 probe is provided with a 1m long connection cable into which a platinum temperature sensor is embedded. The probe cable is characterized by high mechanical resistance. The measurement result is displayed on a 4-element liquid crystal display, the fourth digit of which gives the tenth of a degree.

The use of Pt1000 sensor allows temperature measurement with high accuracy of 0.1°C over the entire measurement range. The measurement is stable over time, the thermometer, thanks to the platinum sensor, maintains the declared accuracy over a longer period of time.

Technical specification:

Technical specification DT-34
Temperature range -50 to 270ºC
Operating temperature range -30 to 40ºC
Resolution 0,1ºC
Accuracy ±0,1ºC
Dimensions of ST01 probe 3,3 x 120, 3, 3 x 300mm
Probe cable length Lp=1


Model Temperature [° C] Working conditions Dimensions
DT 34 -50 to 270ºC -30 to 40ºC 150 x 82 x 29 mm