COMPASS™CX portable scales

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Compass™ CX Series

Energy-efficient portable scale for workplace and field weighing.
Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the Compass CX Series provides up to 1,000 hours of continuous operation on standard alkaline batteries. The Compass CX Series' slim profile, lightweight and stackable design makes it a perfect fit for any laboratory, classroom or even household. The large backlit LCD display ensures easy reading of the measurement result.
Technical specification:

Model Range Readout(d) Pan Weight cal., class
CX221 220g 0,1g 142 x 128mm 200g, M1
CX621 620g 0,1g 142 x 128mm 500g, M1
CX1201 1200g 0,1g 142 x 128mm 1000g, M1
CX2200 2200g 1g 142 x 128mm 1000g, M1
CX5200 5200g 1g 142 x 128mm 2000g, M1
Model Weighing range [g] Reading accuracy
CX221 nr kat.: 30428208 220 0,1 g
CX621 nr kat.: 30428209 620 0,1 g
CX1201 nr kat.: 30428210 1200 0,1 g
CX2200 nr kat.: 30428211 2200 1 g
CX5200 nr kat.: 30428212 5200 1 g