Scout® STX portable scales

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  • Largem intuitive color touch screen allows for easy operation - guiding the user through each step of the selected program
  • Advanced weighing technology increase productivity with stabilization in less than one second
  • Built-in overload protection system is designed for ten times the load capacity of the scale and protects it when operating in harsh environments

High-performance portable precision scales with intuitive touch screens for high accuracy and productivity

Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications, OHAUS Scout scales have an easy-to-use color touchscreen and a slim design that allows stacking. They are designed for heavy-duty use with faster stabilization times and higher resolution of weighing results - setting a new standard for a wide range of applications. They are also protected against overload and have more communication options.


  • Programs: Weighing, piece counting, percentage weighing, check weighing, animal/dynamic weighing, summing, density measurement, display memorization, molar weighing
  • Display: Graphic full-color 109 mm VGA touchscreen display with user adjustable brightness
  • Power supply:AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Communication: RS232, USB host, USB device, Ethernet or Bluetooth® (in accessory offering, compatible with Android OS only)
  • Construction: ABS housing and stainless steel pan, blast guard (on models with 1mg readout), under-panel weighing hook, transport lock, menu and calibration lock, theft protection, adjustable feet, illuminated spirit level
  • Construction features: Stability indicator, stackable (except models with 1mg readout), overload and underload protection, low battery indicator, auto shut-off, auto tare, calibration weight included for models up to 620g capacity

Technical specification:

Model Range Readout(d) Pan Weight cal., class*
STX123 120g 0,001g diameter 93mm 100g, M1*
STX223 220g 0,001g diameter 93mm 200g, M1*
STX222 220g 0,01g diameter 120mm 200g, M1*
STX422 420g 0,01g diameter 120mm 200g, M1*
STX622 620g 0,01g diameter 120mm 300g, M1*
STX1202 1200g 0,01g 170 x 140mm 1000g, M1
STX2202 2200g 0,01g 170 x 140mm 2000g, M1
STX421 420g 0,1g diameter 120mm 200g, M1
STX621 620g 0,1g 170 x 140mm 300g, M1
STX2201 2200g 0,1g 170 x 140mm 2000g, M1
STX6201 6200g 0,1g 170 x 140mm 5000g, M1
STX8200 8200g 1g 170 x 140mm 8000g, M1
*Calibration weights only on models up to 620g
Model Weighing range [g] Reading accuracy
STX123 nr kat.: 30253058 120 0,001 g
STX223 nr kat.: 30253059 220 0,001 g
STX222 nr kat.: 30253060 220 0,01 g
STX422 nr kat.: 30253061 420 0,01 g
STX622 nr kat.: 30253062 620 0,01 g
STX1202 nr kat.: 30253063 1200 0,01 g
STX2202 nr kat.: 30253064 2200 0,01 g
STX421 nr kat.: 30253065 420 0,1 g
STX621 nr kat.: 30253066 620 0,1 g
STX2201 nr kat.: 30253067 2200 0,1 g
STX6201 nr kat.: 30253068 6200 0,1 g
STX8200 nr kat.: 30253069 8200 1 g

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