Navigator™ Portable Scales

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  • Navigator offers essential weighing programs at a competitive price
  • Advanced technology enables stabilization in less than one second and provides fast and accurate weighing results, allowing the operator to work with greater productivity and efficiency
  • The scale is proteced by an overload protection system capable of withstanding loads up to four times its rated capacity

When it comes to value for money, OHAUS raises the bar with its newly designed Navigator series of scales, ideal for general laboratory, industrial and educational applications. Rugged and multifunctional, the Navigator scale is a versatile device that can perform a variety of weighing programs, thanks to features such as short stabilization time, overload protection for four times the rated load, and simple operation.


  • Programs:Weighing, piece counting, percentage weighing, check weighing
  • Display: Liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlighting
  • Power supply: AC adapter (included) or 4 C batteries (not included)
  • Communication : RS-232, USB or Ethernet
  • Construction: ABS plastic housing, stainless steel pan, transport lock, adjustable anti-slip feet, bubble leveler
  • Construction features: Menu and calibration lock button, software and mechanical overload/underload protection, stability indicator, low battery indicator, automatic shutdown, selectable printing options, changeable communication settings

Technical specification:
Navigator NV
Model Range Readout (d) Pan weight cal., class
NV123* 120g 0,001g diameter 93mm 100g, F2
NV223* 220g 0,001g diameter 93mm 200g, F2
NV323* 320g 0,001g diameter 93mm 300g, F2
NV222 220g 0,01g diameter 145mm 200g, F2
NV422 420g 0,01g diameter 145mm 200g, F2
NV622 620g 0,01g diameter 145mm 300g, F2
NV1202 1200g 0,01g 190 x 144mm 1000g, F2
NV2202 2200g 0,01g 190 x 144mm 2000g, F2
NV3202 3200g 0,01g 190 x 144mm 3000g, F2
NV221 220g 0,1g 190 x 144mm 200g, F2
NV621 620g 0,1g 190 x 144mm 600g, F2
NV1201 1200g 0,1g 190 x 144mm 500g, F2
NV2201 2200g 0,1g 190 x 144mm 100g, F2
*with wind shield

Navigator NVT
Model Range Readout (d) Pan Weight cal., class
NVT2201 2200g 0,1g 230 x 174mm 1000g, f2
NVT4201 4200g 0,1g 230 x 174mm 2000g, F2
NVT6201 6200g 0,1g 230 x 174mm 5000g, F2
NVT10201 10200g 0,1g 230 x 174mm 5000g, F2
NVT2200 2200g 1g 230 x 174mm 1000g, F2
NVT6200 6200g 1g 230 x 174mm 5000g, F2
NVT12000 12000g 1g 230 x 174mm 5000g, F2
NVT22000 22000g 1g 230 x 174mm 10000g, F2

Model Legalization-M Range Readout (d) (e) Pan Weight cal., class
NVT1601M * 1600g 0,5g 0,5g 230 x 174mm 1000g, F2
NVT3200M * 3200g 1g 1g 230 x 174mm 2000g, F2
NVT6400M * 6400g 2g 2g 230 x 174mm 5000g, F2
NVT16000M * 16000g 5g 5g 230 x 174mm 10000g, F2
Model Weighing range [g] Reading accuracy
NV123 120 0,001 g
NV223 220 0,001 g
NV323 320 0,001 g
NV222 220 0,01 g
NV422 420 0,01 g
NV622 620 0,01 g
NV1202 1200 0,01 g
NV2202 2200 0,01 g
NV3202 3200 0,01 g
NV221 220 0,1 g
NV621 620 0,1 g
NV1201 1200 0,1 g
NV2201 2200 0,1 g
NVT2201 2200 0,1 g
NVT4201 4200 0,1 g
NVT6201 6200 0,1 g
NVT10201 10200 0,1 g
NVT2200 2200 1 g
NVT6200 6200 1 g
NVT12000 12000 1 g
NVT22000 22000 1 g
NVT1601M 1600 0,5 g
NVT3200M 3200 1 g
NVT6400M 6400 2 g
NVT16000M 16000 5 g