PR Series Analytical Scales

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  • LCD display with backlight
  • RS 232 interface
  • Software lock and reset menu
  • Robust design
The PR Series Analytical scale is equipped with 3 basic weighing modes, an RS232 interface for data transfer, and internal adjustment (on selected models), making it ideal for routine weighing.
The unit features an easy-to-read, backlit display and simple user interface, making it extremely easy to use.
The small size of the PR scale saves space in the laboratory while providing a large weighing area. The PR scales feature rugged construction, and the stainless steel weighing pan further enhances resistance to daily use in the workplace.

Features of the device:
  • Programs: weighing, piece counting, percentage weighing
  • Display: liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlighting
  • Power supply: AC adapter (included)
  • Communication: RS232 (standard)
  • Design features: glass blast cabinet with sliding top door and removable side door; built-in hook for under-glass weighing; anti-theft protection, calibration locking device

Technical specification:

Model Legalization-M Internal calibration Range Readout (d) (e) Pan cal. weight, class Number
PR124   * 120g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 100g, E2 30430067
PR224   * 220g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 200g, E2 30430069
PR124M * * 120g 0,1mg 1mg diameter 90 mm 100g, E2 30524384
PR224M * * 220g 0,1mg 1mg diameter 90 mm 200g, E2 30524385
PR124/E     120g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 100g, E2 30430068
PR224/E     220g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 200g, E2 30430070
Model Weighing range [g] Reading accuracy
PR124 nr kat.: 30430067 120 0.1 mg
PR224 nr kat.: 30430069 220 0.1 mg
PR124M nr kat.: 30524384 120 0.1 mg
PR224M nr kat.: 30524385 220 0.1 mg
PR124/E nr kat.: 30430068 120 0.1 mg
PR224/E nr kat.: 30430070 220 0.1 mg