Adventurer Analytical Scales

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  • Rapid stabilization , increasing productivity in the lab
  • Reliable performance with AutoCal™ function, guarantees accurate and reproducible results
  • Color touch screen with wide viewing angle
  • Two USB ports available with GLP/GMP protocol data verification capability
  • Two-piece top-mounted blast cabinet door, giving wide access to the weighing chamber on both sides, (Models with 0.1 and 1mg readings)
The Adventurer Series scale from OHAUS is the most complete scale in its class. It enables fast stabilization and reliable operation, supported by the AutoCal™ function that guarantees good, accurate and repeatable weighing results in typical laboratory applications. A wide-angle color touchscreen provides access to all Adventurer scale applications. On select models, a two-piece, top-mounted blast cabinet door is available that takes up little space when opened, allowing wide access to the weighing chamber on both sides.

Features of the device:
  • VGA 4.3" (109 mm) color graphic touchscreen that allows user adjustable brightness
  • Communication: RS232, 2 x USB, GLP/GMP protocol with real time clock
  • Construction: metal base and ABS top case, stainless steel weighing pan, glass blast cabinet with two-piece top-mounted side door and sliding top door, integrated hook for under-panel weighing, illuminated scale leveler
  • Environmental filters, auto tare, user-selectable range calibration points, software lock and reset menus, user-defined communication settings and data printout options, and user-defined identifiers
  • Power supply: AC adapter and batteries, automatic shutdown

Technical specification:

Model Legalization-M AutoCal Range Readout(d) (e) Pan cal. weight, class Number
AX124   * 120g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 100g, E2 30122610
AX224   * 220g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 200g, E2 30122611
AX34   * 320g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 200g+100g, E2 30122613
AX124M * * 120g 0,1mg 1mg diameter 90 mm 100g, E2 30100620
AX224M * * 220g 0,1mg 1mg diameter 90 mm 200g, E2 30100621
AX324M * * 320g 0,1mg 1mg diameter 90 mm 200g+100g, E2 30100622
AX124/E     120g 0,1mg   diameter 90 m 100g, E2 30122657
AX224/E     220g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 200g, e2 30122612
Model Weighing range [g] Reading accuracy
AX124 nr kat.: 30122610 120 0.1 mg
AX224 nr kat.: 30122611 220 0.1 mg
AX324 nr kat.: 30122613 320 0.1 mg
AX124M nr kat.: 30100620 120 0.1 mg
AX224M nr kat.: 30100621 220 0.1 mg
AX324M nr kat.: 30100622 320 0.1 mg
AX124E nr kat.: 30122657 120 0.1 mg
AX224/E nr kat.: 30122612 220 0,1 mg