Explorer Analytical Scales

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  • VGA color touch screen display
  • RS232 and USB interface
  • Numeric QWERTY keypad with graphic weighing range indicator
  • Mains power supply
The Explorer Analytical series of scales is a guarantee of accuracy and durability, thanks to the precision weighing module. They are perfect for laboratory as well as industrial conditions. They are well suited for controlling weight measurement processes, thanks to such features as four-level password-protected user management, a non-editable system log and a high level of configurability. They feature a detachable terminal with a large color touchscreen, programmable infrared sensors, automatic doors and a frameless blast cabinet.

Features of the device:

  • The AutoCal™ internal calibration system ensures the scale is always ready for use. Eliminates the need for manual calibration and maintenance of external weights
  • RS-232, USB and Ethernet communication interfaces, connectivity including: printer or barcode scanner facilitate data export
  • Possibility of storing personal application settings, thanks to multifunctional mode of operation with a memory library. Internal database, weighing mode library, system log, improves measurement data management
  • Ability to work with up to 110 users, provides security and protects against unauthorized change of scale settings
  • 14.5 cm diagonal VGA graphic touch screen, allows operation in 14 different languages
  • Multifunctional and programmable non-contact sensors on selected models
  • Weighing chamber illumination available on 0.1 mg and 1 mg models, as well as a wind shield with 3 doors and removable panels
  • Modular display design with adjustable tilt angle
  • Posiadamy również akcesoria dostępne na zapytanie (widoczne na ostatnich 4 zdjęciach w galerii produktu).

Technical specification:

Model Legalization-M Auto Door Range Readout (d) (e) Pan cal. weight, class Number
EX124     120g 0,01mg   diameter 90 mm 100g, E2 83021331
EX224     220g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 200g, E2 83021332
EX324     320g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 300g, E2 83021335
EX124/AD   * 120g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 100g, E2 30061976
EX224/AD   * 220g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 200g, E2 30061977
EX324/AD   * 320g 0,1mg   diameter 90 mm 300g, E2 30061978
EX224M *   220g 0,1mg 1mg diameter 90 mm 200g, E2 83021333
EX224M/AD * * 220g 0,1mg 1mg diameter 90 mm 200g, E2 30061995
EX324M *   320g 0,1mg 1mg diameter 90 mm 300g, E2 83021336
EX324M/AD * * 320g 0,1mg 1mg diameter 90 mm 300g, E2 30061996


Model Weighing range [g] Reading accuracy
EX124 nr kat.: 83021331 120 0.1 mg
EX224 nr kat.: 83021332 220 0.1 mg
EX324 nr kat.: 83021335 320 0.1 mg
EX124/AD nr kat.: 30061976 120 0.1 mg
EX224/AD nr kat.: 30061977 220 0.1 mg
EX324/AD nr kat.: 30061978 320 0.1 mg
EX224M nr kat.: 83021333 220 0.1 mg
EX224M/AD nr kat.: 30061995 220 0.1 mg
EX324M nr kat.: 83021336 320 0.1 mg
EX324M/AD nr kat.: 30061996 320 0.1 mg