Explorer Semi-Micro Analytical Scale

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  • VGA color touch screen
  • QWERTY keyboard with graphic weighing range indicator
  • RS 232 and USB interface
  • Automatic door
  • Optional built-in ionizer
Weighing (16 units + 3 user units), percentage weighing, piece counting, check weighing, animal/dynamic weighing, topping up, summing, formulation, differential weighing, density measurement, maximum display memory, pipette adjustment, gross/net/tare weighing, statistics, Fill Weight Variation


5.7" (145mm) high-resolution VGA color touchscreen display with QWERTY numeric keypad and graphical weighing range indicator

Power supply

Power supply from the mains (power supply included with the scale)


Easily accessible communication ports (2xUSB, RS232) and a fourth optional communication port (Ethernet), GLP and GMP with date and time, Direct Data Transfer, data storage on USB drive


Metal base, ABS top, anti-static glass blast cabinet with hinged top door, terminal cover, automatic door available on selected models


Internal AutoCal™ adjustment, fast stabilization time, 4 non-contact sensors, built-in ionizer on automatic door models, choice of 14 menu languages including Polish, legalized models available, software lock, anti-theft handle, built-in hook for underslab weighing, removable stainless steel pan, overload and underload indicator, auto standby function Precision Explorer weighing modules, along with AutoCalTM software, provide exceptional precision and durability and perform well in laboratory and industrial settings.

Features such as four-level password-protected user management, a non-editable system log, and a high level of configurability make Explorer scales well suited for controlling weight measurement processes.

A detachable terminal with a large color touchscreen, programmable infrared sensors, an optional built-in ionizer, automatic doors and a frameless blast cabinet makes operating the scales easy and conv

Comparison of available models:

Model Legalization - M Auto door Ionizer Range Readout (e) Pan cal. weight, scale number
EX125D       52g / 120g 0,01 mg / 0,1 mg   diameter 80 mm 100g, E2 30218998
EX125       120 g 0,01 mg   diameter 80 mm 100g, E2 30218999
EX225D       120g / 220g 0,01mg / 0,1mg   diameter 80 mm 200g, E2 30219000
EX225D/AD   * * 120g / 220g 0,01mg / 0,1mg   diameter 80 mm 200g, E2 30219001
EX225/AD   * * 220g 0,01mg   diameter 80 mm 200g, E2 30219002
EX125DM *     52g / 120g 0,01 mg / 0,1 mg   diameter 80 mm 100g, E2 30139515
EX125M *     120 g 0,01 mg   diameter 80 mm 100g, E2 30139516
EX225DM *     120g / 220g 0,01mg / 0,1mg   diameter 80 mm 200g, E2 30139517
EX225DM/AD * * * 120g / 220g 0,01mg / 0,1mg   diameter 80 mm 200g, E2 30139518
EX225M/AD * * * 220g 0,01mg   diameter 80 mm 200g, E2 30139519

Model Weighing range [g] Reading accuracy
EX125D nr kat.: 30218998 52/120 0.01/0.1 mg
EX125 nr kat.: 30218999 120 0.01 mg
EX225D nr kat.: 30219000 120/220 0.01/0.1 mg
EX225D/AD nr kat.: 30219001 120/220 0.01/0.1 mg
EX225/AD nr kat.: 30219002 220 0.01 mg
EX125DM nr kat.: 30139515 52/120 0.01/0.1 mg
EX125M nr kat.: 30139516 120 0.01 mg
EX225DM nr kat.: 30139517 120/220 0.01/0.1 mg
EX225DM/AD nr kat.: 30139518 120/220 0.01/0.1 mg
EX225M/AD nr kat.: 30139519 220 0.01 mg