FiveEasy™/ FiveEasy Plus™ Meter

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  • Measurement of pH, mV, conductivity, temperature
  • Compact design
  • Simply operation
  • Large display
  • Intuitive buttons
  • Small dimensions
  • Mobile tripod

FiveEasy pH/mV meters are compact in design and intuitive to use for extremely precise measurements.

The device is equipped with a large display that guarantees easy viewing of data, intuitive cut-outs and a simple menu that facilitates use.

The screen displays all information regarding the measurement, electrode status and calibration at the same time.

Thanks to the compact design of the meter, this series takes up little space. The tripod can be easily removed and placed on the side of the meter.

Measurement made easy

A large, well-structured display, intuitive button arrangement and simple menu ensure measurements can be performed in just a few clicks.

Compact design saves space

Through its compact design and the ability to remove the sensor holder and store it on the side of the meter, little bench space is needed.

Simple and secure data transfer

The FiveEasy Plus meters allow data to be exported either directly to a printer or a PC for further processing using RS232 or USB ports


Technical specification:

Dane techniczne F20 F30 FP20 FP30
Measuring range 0.00 to 14.00 pH
0 to 100°C
0,01µS/cm to 200 mS/cm
Od 0,01 mg/l to 200 g/l TDS
0 to 100°C
2.00-16.00 pH
2000 to 2000 mV
5 do 105°C
Od 0,01µS/cm to 500 mS/cm
Od 0,01 mg/l to 300 g/l TDS
Od 0,00 to 42 psu (salinity)
-5 do 105°C
Resolution 0.01 pH 0.1°C 0.01 pH
Automatic range (mV, pH)
Accuracy ±0,01 pH
±1 mV
measured value
±0,01 pH
±1 mV
measured value
Automatic and manual endpoint logging yes yes yes yes
Endpoint sound signal yes yes yes yes
Endpoint visual signal yes yes yes yes
Calibration Max 3 points 1 point Max 5 points 1 point
Connectors/Ports BNC, cinch Mini-DIN BNC, cinch Mini-DIN
Data storage Current Calibration 200 measurements
Current Calibration
Current Calibration 200 measurements
Current Calibration


Model Parameter Temp. Max [° C]
F20 pH, mV, temperature 100
F30 Conductivity, TDS, salinity, temperature 100
FP20 pH, mV, temperature 105
FP30 Conductivity, TDS, salinity, temperature 105