• Labcold


    Producer: Labcold

    Nr CAT:

    Temperature range [° C]: +2 to +6, +2 to +8

    Capacity: 345 L, 571 L, 485 L

  • EVERmed BBR

    EVERmed BBR

    Producer: EVERmed

    Nr CAT:

    Temperature range [° C]: +2 to +15

    Capacity: 270 l, 370 l, 440 l, 530 l, 625 l

  • BioBlood BR

    BioBlood BR

    Producer: Gram

    Nr CAT:

    Temperature range [° C]: +2 to +6

    Capacity: 500 l, 600 l, 930 l


Larger than compact - single blood refrigerators allow for the storage of even more samples in stable and safe conditions. Single blood refrigerators with a capacity from 300 to even 500 liters are an ideal proposition for hospitals, clinics or laboratories, where the issue of safe storage of blood cells is treated as a priority. Refrigerators are equipped with a reliable alarm system, which protects against unwanted fluctuations in temperature conditions inside the device. Our refrigerators also have a digital lock, which limits access to the devices.