• Labcold


    Producer: Labcold

    Nr CAT:

    Temperature range [° C]: +2 to +8

    Capacity: 1245 L

  • EVERmed BBR

    EVERmed BBR

    Producer: EVERmed

    Nr CAT:

    Temperature range [° C]: +2 to +15

    Capacity: 925 l, 1160 l, 1365 l

  • BioBlood BR

    BioBlood BR

    Producer: Gram

    Nr CAT:

    Capacity: 1270 l, 1400 l

    Scale: 271 kg, 283 kg


Double blood refrigerators are the largest cooling solution available on the market. They are characterized by exceptionally large dimensions and gigantic storage capabilities. They have a double cooling system. Just like smaller versions, double blood refrigerators are also equipped with integrated alarm systems that protect samples from uncontrolled temperature changes inside the device. By choosing our blood refrigerators, you can be sure that the blood cells are stored in really safe conditions. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of double blood refrigerators.