Electric distillers DE 10 and DE 20

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  • Continuous operation
  • Monitoring of distillate temperature
  • Automatic stoppage of operation during failure
  • Color display
  • Visual and audible alarm

The DE 10 and DE 20 electric distiller is used to purify water of dissolved mineral salts and gases by evaporating and then condensing the purified water.
Distillers are used in a variety of industries, particularly in the healthcare and
pharmaceuticals. The quality of the distilled water obtained complies with the standards of Pharmacopoeia
Polish X and meets the requirements of water used in analytical laboratories with a degree of
3 purity according to PN-EN ISO 3696.

The easy-to-operate distiller works continuously, and its operation is continuously monitored through a system of sensors connected to the control panel.

Thanks to the use of a modern control panel, the distiller has a number of functions useful in its use:

- Programmable on/off time
- Visual and audible alarm
- History of the device's operation
- Distillate temperature monitoring
- Automatic stoppage of operation in the event of a drop in feed water pressure
- Automatic resumption of operation after the cause of failure has ceased
- Information about the need to clean the boiler depending on water parameters
- Color display

Technical specification DE 10 DE 20
Protection class of the camera I I
Efficiency approx. 10 dm3/h approx. 18 dm3/h
Water consumption approx. 150 dm3/h approx. 220 dm3/h
Power consumed 7,2 kW 12 kW
Supply voltage 3x400V 3x400V
Mass 14 kg 18 kg
Model System performance [l/h]
DE 10 10
DE 20 18