Special cabinet

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Special cabinet

Cabinet RL7-1 Equipped with a pull-out tray made of PP, protecting the cabinet from possible flooding of the stored liquid. It is designed to store laboratory reagents, canisters and bottles.

Cabinet RL7-2 Has a door permanently connected to the pedestal strip. This is an ideal solution in places where the lack of a bottom plinth is very important - for example, the insertion of a tray on wheels

Cabinet RL7-3 with an integrated, large basket that pulls out every time the cabinet is opened. This is an ideal solution for hygiene and aesthetics in the laboratory.

Cabinet RL7-4 Has an integrated basket that slides in whenever the cabinet door is opened. Great for maintaining aesthetics and hygiene in the laboratory.

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Model Options
Model 1 Do przechowywania odczynników laboratoryjnych, kanistrów i butelek

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