DR series digital handheld refractometers

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  • Automatic measurement
  • High accuracy of measurement
  • Quick filling and cleaning
  • Sample tray made of stainless steel
  • Robust housing and low weight
  • Automatic temperature compensation (Brix scale)
  • Display of measurement results in different units
  • Very simple operation
Portable, lightweight and accurate digital handheld refractometers

Zastosowanie ręcznych, cyfrowych refraktometrów oszczędza czas, ponieważ pomiary kontrolne można przeprowadzać bezpośrednio na miejscu. Wyniki pomiarów są określane za dotknięciem przycisku i wyświetlane na wyświetlaczu.

Digital refractometer models available:

  • DR101-60
    It is a basic model, with a measurement range of 1.3330-1.4419 nD and 0-60% Brix. Thanks to automatic temperature compensation for the Brix scale, a repeatable measurement result can be obtained even under changing environmental conditions. As a waterproof device, the DR101-60 meets the IP65 standard and can be cleaned under running water.
  • DR201-95
    The DR201-95 compact handheld refractometer offers an extended measurement range of refractive index and sugar content of 1.3330-1.5318 nD and 0-95 % Brix. Automatic temperature compensation for the Brix scale helps the user measure beverages and sweet confectionery. The device is splash-proof and meets the IP64 standar
  • DR301-95
    The R301-95 can measure refractive index or sugar content over a measurement range of 1.3330-1.5318 nD or 0-95 % Brix. In addition, the device measures salt content and allows for two additional freely definable scales. Automatic temperature compensation for the Brix scale can be connected as an option. A USB interface allows measured data to be transferred to a computer or printer at any time. An alarm option can be configured for monitoring limit values in production processes. An included AC adapter turns the DR301-95 into a small laboratory refractometer; for mobile use, powered by a 9-volt monobloc battery.

Typical applications:
The DR101-60, DR201-95 and DR301-95 digital handheld refractometers are ideal for the chemical, petrochemical, automotive, aerospace and food industries, as well as hospitals and pharmacies.

  • Characterization tests in research and development
  • Identity test, purity control and concentration determination of raw materials, intermediates and finished products
  • Tracking of chemical processes during production
  • Control of outgoing goods
  • Stability test
  • Concentration determination of sugar
  • Inspection of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Checking drugs against pharmacopoeia
  • Analysis of body secretions

Technical specification:

Model DR101-60 DR201-95 DR301-95
Measurements – nD/ % Brix Refractive index
concentration of sucrose, glucose, fructose and invert sugar
Refractive index
Concentration of sucrose, glucose, fructose and invert sugar,
Salt content [‰], user-defined
Measurement range – nD/ %Brix  1,3330–1,4419
Measurement accuracy – nD/%Brix  ±0,0005
Measurement precision – nD/%Brix  0,0001
Measuring time(s) ok. 1
Measuring prism Optical glass
Wavelength (nm) 589
Temperature compensation (°C) 10–40
Temperature measurement Integrated Pt100 temperature sensor
Temperature measurement accuracy (°C) ±0,5
Temperature measurement resoolution (°C) 0,1
Interfaces N/A USB
Protection class IP65 IP64 IP50
Power supply (V) Battery 1,5 Battery 9 
Dimensions (mm) 110 x 62 x 32 130 x 80 x 40 180  x 100  x 60
Weight (g) 160 200 500
Model Parameter Description
DR101-60 1,3330–1,4419 nD 0–60 % Brix
DR201-95 1.3330-1.5318 nD 0–95 % Brix
DR301-95 1,3330–1,5318 nD 0–95 % Brix