Abbe's refractometers

  • Abbe's AR series analog refractometers

    Abbe's AR series analog refractometers

    Producer: Kruss

    Nr CAT:

    Parameter: Temperature measurement range

    Temperature range [° C]: 0–99°C


Abbi refractometers are used for refractometric measurements over a wide range of refractive index nD once the Brix sugar scale. They are classic devices characterized by the highest precision of reading and simple use. Thanks to the use of an external circulating thermostat, it is possible to control the temperature of the measuring prism of the refractometer. The device is powered by a safe voltage of 12 V using an external power supply. The kit of such an Abbi refractometer usually includes a power supply, a reference plate, contact fluid, a carrying case and also an instruction manual.