Hand-held refractometers

  • Lunar refractometers

    Lunar refractometers

    Producer: Kruess

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    Parameter: 0-10% Brix, 0-18% Brix, 0-32% Brix, 28-62% Brix, 45-82% Brix, 58-92% Brix, 0-95% Brix, 12–30 % Water content of honey, nD 1.333-1.517, 0-10 ‰, nD 1.3330-1.3834  0-28 ‰, 0-12 g / dl  nD 1.333-1.360  1.000-1.050 UG, 0-32% Brix  30-130 ° Oe  4,4-19% alcohol, -50-0 ° C  1,10-1,30 g / cm3, -50–0 °C


Handheld refractometers are used to perform measurements of refractive indices among various substances, such as in liquids. They are used in many laboratory analyses. Thanks to its compact design, the device can be used not only in the laboratory but also in the field. Hand refractometers allow the identification of chemical compounds,and thanks to the ability to detect impurities can be used for quality control. In our offer we have refractometers with different ranges depending on the purpose. There are refractometers that are used for measuring sugar content in fruit, analysis of juices, beverages, milk, wine and jams.