STRIKE 20 vacuum evaporators

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  • Water and oil bath
  • Ability to work with corrosive substances
  • Brushless motor with electronic control
  • Evaporation flasks: 6L, 10L, 20L

The STRIKE20 rotary evaporator is designed for use in R&D laboratories as well as industrial plants. It makes it possible to work with corrosive substances, thanks to the use of borosilicate glass and PTFE plastic. The devices operate under vacuum as well as at atmospheric pressure. Rotating evaporator flasks with capacities of 6, 10 and 20 liters in a temperature-controlled water bath results in forced convection and homogeneous product distribution, thus preventing sedimentation. STRIKE100 evaporators feature a large evaporation area. The sealing system guarantees perfect vacuum tightness and maintenance-free operation.


STRIKE20 series evaporators protect the User from any risks arising during operation. The water bath is covered by a transparent cover providing the Operator with the highest protection against glass breakage and high temperature splashing.



STRIKE20 have a sealing system made of self-lubricating material that allows for perfectly tight evaporation. The sealing system does not require any maintenance.


The heating bath

is lifted by a hydraulic system that in the event of a power failure, overheating or other emergency event, to avoid overheating of the fluid, and the process is immediately stopped.


allows you to set and display process parameters. Any value error or anomalous temperature cuts off electricity. STRIKE1020 evaporators are equipped with a 7" touch screen with color graphic display.

The STRIKE100 series evaporators are available in two cooler versions: version A - descending cooler, version B - ascending cooler.


- vacuum pump

- evaporating flasks with capacities: 6L, 10L and 20L

- cart for easy loading/unloading of the evaporating flask

- chiller


Model Description Standard options Other
STRIKE 20 evaporator, part number: SQFU079737 20L evaporating flask descending cooler Collector 1x10L
STRIKE 20 evaporator, Cat. No.: SQFU079738 20L evaporating flask descent cooler Collector 2x6L
STRIKE 20 evaporator, part number: SQFU079735 20L evaporating flask ascending cooler Collector 1x10L
STRIKE 20 evaporator, part number: SQFU079736 20L evaporating flask ascending cooler Collector 2x6L