Mini Vortex Shaker

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  • Intermittent operation
  • Timer and speed control
  • Ergonomic mixing of samples

Four models of OHAUS mini vortex shakers are available, guaranteeing reliable mixing at both low and high speeds. The non-digital model offers variable speed control, while the digital model allows precise speed and time settings, ensuring repeatable results every time. The pulsating model features a unique pulsing action that reduces heat generation while providing higher mixing efficiency and breaking cell bonds. The constant speed model offers simple, one-touch rapid mixing designed for repetitive applications.

Detailed Features:

Display: Independent LED displays (speed/time) allow simultaneous viewing of both settings (digital models) and variable speed control with graduated dials (analog models).

Programs: Preparation of suspensions from liquids, mixing of reagents, buffer solutions and emulsions, ELISA tests, drug extraction, sample mixing.

Design: Cap and 3-inch accessory platform for beakers, flasks, test tubes, etc. (included with all models), stainless steel holder for 12 test tubes (pulse models).

Design features: Microprocessor control to maintain designated speed ensures even mixing (digital models), maximum speed of 230 V models is 2500 rpm.

Standard features:

  • In touch mode, blending begins when the top cap is pressed, and continuous mode allows you to work with accessories. Thanks to its sturdy, robust design, the device stays in place during operation.
  • Robust digital and analog vortex shakers offer effective speed control both at low rpm during gentle shaking and at high speeds during energetic sample centrifugation.
  • The fixed speed vortex shaker is a more economical alternative designed for vigorous mixing of samples at high speed. With reproducible sample processing in mind, this unit allows for simple and efficient mixing at full speed.

Technical specification:

Control Constant speed Analog Digital Pulsating, digital
Orbit [mm] 4.9 2.5
Speed range [rpm] 2800 300 – 2800 500 – 2800
Operating mode Intermittent
Working conditions 39°C to 104°C, relative humidity 20%-85%, non-condensing
Power supply [V] 230
Dimensions [W x D x H] [mm] 123 × 210 × 165
Power [W] 135
Catalog No 30392110 30392117 30392124 30392131

* Detachable 3-wire cord with plug, 7.6 cm cap and platform for accessories for beakers, flasks, test tubes, etc. (included with all models), stainless steel holder for 12 test tubes (included with pulse models only).

Model Description
VXMNFS Constant speed
VXMNDG Digital
VXMNPS Pulsating, digital

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