Industrial demineralizers Spring series

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  • Second class of water purity
  • Computer program
  • USB and RS 232 interface
  • Color graphic display with touch panel function

Spring systems are water treatment stations with an industrial capacity of 100 to 1000 dm³/h. It allows to obtain water that meets the requirements of ISO 3696:1999, ASTM and FP standards. The units are designed and manufactured according to individual customer needs. The systems can be used in industry (pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, electronics, etc.) as a central unit for producing demineralized water. The demineralizer, by distributing an appropriate network, can supply water to several laboratory rooms or floors in a building, as well as point laboratory equipment.

Technical data:

- Power supply: tap water
- Color graphic display with touch panel function
- Conductivity meter measuring conductivity and temperature of tap water, after RO station and demineralized water in units of µS/cm or MOhm
- Clock displaying date and time
- Continuous control and viewing of the retention rate (degree of retention) of RO membranes
- Alarms: replacement of mechanical and carbon filters, RO module, ion exchange bed, UV lamp illuminator, microfiltration capsule
- Computer program for individual alarm threshold settings and data archiving
- Viewing of service appointments
- Built-in RS 232 and USB interface for communication with a computer
- Pressure gauge for feed water, RO station operation
- Conductivity of purified water < 0.06 µS/cm - the second class of purity according to PN-EN ISO 3696:1999.
- The system is designed for cold water supply: 5-40°C

- 20µm 10″ sediment filter (replacement every 6 months*)
- sediment filter 5µm 10″ (replacement every 6 months*)
- GAC 10″ carbon filter (replacement every 6 months*)
- UV irradiator 254 nm (life: 8500h of operation) / (optional)
- MF microfiltration (replacement every 12 months*) / (option)
- ion exchange resin (25 dm³) (replacement 25,000 dm³**)

* the life of the cartridge may change depending on the flow rate, its characteristics and the level and type of contamination of tap water.
** the volume of treated water depends on the quality of the feed water, the maximum amount of dissolved salts in the feed water - 1200 mg/l

Product sheet:

Spring 100
Spring 200
Spring 300
Spring 500
Spring 700
Spring 1000
Model System performance [l/h]
Spring 100 100-150
Spring 200 150-250
Spring 300 250-350
Spring 500 400-600
Spring 700 700-800
Spring 1000 900-1100