Autoclaves of the AHS-DRY series

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  • Drying function
  • Sterilization of solid materials
  • 10 programs
  • Sterilization temperature 100-134 ºC

AHS-DRY series horizontal autoclaves provide excellent performance during sterilization. Used in educational and medical institutions and research institutes.

Designed to sterilize a wide range of solid materials such as unwrapped and packaged items, small porous items, glass, plastic, metal items and waste bags. Drying function and automatic water level control reduce working time.

Technical data:

  • Outer casing made of aluminum and EPOXI painted iron.
  • Front panel made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Housing and chamber cover made of AISI-316L stainless steel.
  • Full control with microprocessor
  • 10 programs including 6 with the possibility of individual parameter configuration
  • 10 liter supply tank
  • Automatic filling with water.
  • Automatic drying.
  • RS232 port for connection to printer/computer.
  • Program for sterilization of agar media at 40 to 80 ºC.
  • Programmable start (24 hours)
  • Safety features: safety valve and thermostat, hydraulic door locking system, safety pressure switch, open lid sensor
  • Sterilization temperature of 100-134 ºC
Model Capacity
AHS-50 DRY 50 l
AHS-75 DRY 75 l