NBVE germicidal flow lamp

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  • Safe for people
  • Forced air circulation
  • Constant degree of disinfection
  • Simple filter replacement
  • High degree of microbiological purity
  • Durability of the radiant heater: 8000 h
  • IP 20 housing
  • Protection class ppor: I
  • Optional: radiator operating time counter
  • Available mounting methods: wall-mounted (N), ceiling-mounted (S), pass-through (P)
NBVE germicidal flow lamps are an excellent solution for establishments with a large number of people, which at the same time require special sterility and microbiological purity. A constant and high degree of air disinfection is confirmed by tests and all required certificates.

The device has a built-in fan that allows air to flow through the disinfection chamber with the UV-C lamp inside. The radiation does not escape to the outside which makes the lamp safe for people.

The lamp housing is made of acid-resistant sheet metal, which ensures easy disinfection and cleaning of the device. Filter replacement is simple, no tools are required.

The devices can be optionally equipped with a radiator timer (L) with acoustic indication of the moment of replacement.

Comparison of available models:

Model Installation method Radiation emitting element Disinfected volume [m3] Fan efficiency [m3/h] Dimensions  [mm] Power consumption VA Radiator runtime counter
NBVE-60 N Wall-mounted UV-C: 2x30 W 25-50 132 1190 x 215 x 145 85 No
NBVE-60 S Ceiling
NBVE-60 P Mobile
NBVE-60 NL Wall-mounted Yes
NBVE-60 SL Ceiling
NBVE-60 PL Mobile
NBVE-110 N Wall-mounted UV-C: 2x55W 45-90 199 1190 x 215 x 145 115 No
NBVE-110 S Ceiling
NBVE-110 P Mobile
NBVE-110 NL Wall-mounted Yes
NBVE-110 SL Ceiling
NBVE-110 PL Mobile


Model Radiator power [W]
NBVE-60 N 2x30
NBVE-60 S 2x30
NBVE-60 P 2x30
NBVE-60 NL 2x30
NBVE-60 SL 2x30
NBVE-60 PL 2x30
NBVE-110 N 2x55
NBVE-110 S 2x55
NBVE-110 P 2x55
NBVE-110 NL 2x55
NBVE-110 SL 2x55
NBVE-110 PL 2x55