Direct-acting germicidal UV lamp NBV

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  • Disinfection of surfaces and air without the presence of people in the room
  • Reflector made of aluminum
  • Durability of the radiator: 8000 h
  • IP 20 housing
  • Complies with standards
  • ppor protection class: I
  • Optional: radiator operating time counter, LED display
NBV direct action germicidal lamps are designed to raise and maintain the level of microbiological purity in the premises. These devices emit UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm. They irreversibly inactivate bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and any other microorganisms, with which they effectively disinfect the air and surface. They are used in operating theaters, treatment and dressing rooms, patient rooms, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, and in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

The reflector of NBV lamps is made of reflective aluminum of very high quality. The devices have all the required certificates.
Optionally, they can be equipped with a lamp timer (L) with acoustic signaling of the moment of replacement or a lamp timer with LED display (LW) and acoustic signaling of the moment of replacement.

Comparison of available models:

Model Installation method Radiation emitting element Gross area disinfected [m2] Lamp rotation Dimensions of the dome [mm] Power consumption Radiation runtime counter
NBV-15 N wall-mounted UV-C: TUV15W 6-8 200o 500 x 85 x 135 18 No
NBV-15 S ceiling-mounted 230o
NBV-15 P mobile 270o
NBV-15 NL wall-mounted 200o Yes
NBV-15 SL ceiling-mounted 230o
NBV-15 PL mobile 270o
NBV-15 NLW wall-mounted 200o Yes + LED display
NBV-15 SLW ceiling-mounted 230o
NBV-15 PLW mobile 270o
NBV-30 N wall-mounted UV-C: TUV30W 12-15 200o 960 x 85 x 135 33 No
NBV-30 S ceiling-mounted 230o
NBV-30 P mobile 270o
NBV-30 NL wall-mounted 200o Yes
NBV-30 SL ceiling-mounted 230o
NBV-30 PL mobile 270o
NBV-30 NLW wall-mounted 200o Yes + LED display
NBV-30 SLW ceiling-mounted 230o
NBV-30 PLW mobile 270o
NBV-2x30 N wall-mounted 2 X UV-C: TUV30W 18-22 200o 960 x 85 x 145 66 No
NBV-2x30 S ceiling-mounted 230o
NBV-2x30 P mobile 270o
NBV-2x30 NL wall-mounted 200o Yes
NBV-2x30 SL ceiling-mounted 230o
NBV-2x30 PL mobile 270o
NBV-2x30 NLW wall-mounted 200o Yes + LED display
NBV-2x30 SLW ceiling-mounted 230o
NBV-2x30 PLW mobile 270o


Model Radiator power [W]
NBV-15 N 15
NBV-15 S 15
NBV-15 P 15
NBV-15 NL 15
NBV-15 SL 15
NBV-15 PL 15
NBV-15 NLW 15
NBV-15 SLW 15
NBV-15 PLW 15
NBV-30 N 30
NBV-30 S 30
NBV-30 P 30
NBV-30 NL 30
NBV-30 SL 30
NBV-30 PL 30
NBV-30 NLW 30
NBV-30 SLW 30
NBV-30 PLW 30
NBV-2x30 N 2x30
NBV-2x30 S 2x30
NBV-2x30 P 2x30
NBV-2x30 NL 2x30
NBV-2x30 SL 2x30
NBV-2x30 PL 2x30
NBV-2x30 NLW 2x30
NBV-2x30 SLW 2x30
NBV-2x30 PLW 2x30