Easycheck stability analyzer for wine

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  • easy to use
  • storage and management of results
  • short analysis time
  • possibility to perform tests at 4°C
  • possibility to check calcium stability
  • cooling with Peltier system
  • sample volume 20 ml
  • manual dosing of THK
  • Android system
  • WIFI communication
  • free software update
  • possibility of remote communication
Wine stability is related to the phenomenon of precipitation of potassium bicinate due to the presence of potassium and tartaric acid in wine. Precipitation is a slow process that occurs after fermentation of the must or immediately after bottling the wine. This phenomenon does not cause any organoleptic damage in the wine, but certainly from a visual point of view it is not acceptable to increasingly demanding consumers.

EasyCheck is an automated system for measuring the stability of tartaric acid in wine. It is an ultra-compact system and requires only electricity for proper operation and for sample cooling. The system is fast, easy to use and provides reproducible stability measurement along with electronic record keeping. The operating principle of Easy Check is to favor the precipitation of potassium tartrate by adding excess THK. The stability measurement is then derived from the determination of the electrical conductivity of the wine under various temperature condit.

Technical features:
- Conductometer: sensitivity ± 2 µS / cm under isothermal conditions; measuring range 0 ÷ 4000 µS / cm
- Thermometer: sensitivity 0.01 ° C; accuracy 0.1 ° C; measuring range -30 ° C ÷ + 50 ° C
- Analytical chamber: capacity 25 ml;
- Magnetic stirrer
- Embedded computer: 4-core ARM 1.4 GHz or faster processor
- Overall dimensions: width 21 cm; height 20 cm; depth 43 cm;
- Weight: approximately 8 kg.
Model Scale
Analizator Easycheck, nr kat.: SQRQ076826 8 kg