Criocheck stability analyzer for wine

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  • analysis of wine samples;
  • automatic system;
  • silent cooling system;
  • touchscreen display;
  • automatic KHT dispenser;
  • two methods of analysis;
Wine stability is related to the phenomenon of precipitation of potassium bicinate due to the presence of potassium and tartaric acid in wine. Precipitation is a slow process that occurs after fermentation of the must or immediately after bottling the wine. This phenomenon does not cause any organoleptic damage in the wine, but certainly from a visual point of view it is not acceptable to increasingly demanding consume.

is an analyzer for measuring the stability of potassium hydrogen tartrate in wine samples, using the freezing method.

The main innovation of CRIOCHECK is the use of a fully automatic system to perform the analysis. This means that the Operator does not need to be physically present during the analysis procedure. Once the instrument is prepared for analysis, the device operates automatically, requiring no further intervention by the Operator until the final step or until the probe is washed.

- Touchscreen display.

- Stepper motor guarantees repeatability of measurements

- Possibility to update software via USB interface

- Quiet cooling system

- Standby function for power saving

- Automatic potassium hydrogen tartrate (KHT) dispenser


-Fast and easy determination of wine stability by electrochemical conductivity measurements under various conditions.

-Possibility to determine wine stability by two types of analysis:
mini contact and saturation point;
Mini contact: determines the KHT sediment expressed in ¼Siemens - the value indicates the stability of the wine under test.
Saturation point: The analysis automatically provides the saturation temperature of the sample under test expressed in ° C.

-Check function for easy and quick analysis.


The acquisition and recording of measurement data is becoming increasingly important. Criocheck has developed a new analytical data management software system. This allows laboratories to examine, store and comment on analysis with the utmost simplicity.

-Visualize measurement data (conductivity, wine temperature, bath temperature, setpoint temperature, etc.);

-Visualize user status, using built-in graphic symbols (cooler status, heater status, probe position, etc.);

-Store the analysis in the database, with the possibility of transferring to a text file;

-Possibility to obtain from a Criocheck analysis performed by two methods, visualize the results in text form, save to disk or print the graphics with a printer -Visualize and print the analysis graphically or in text form;

-Visualize the saturation analysis in normal graphic mode or in differential mode; -Visualize the analysis using the mini contact method in absolute mode or in relative mode;

-Visualize analysis in single mode or multiple modes.

It is possible to visualize up to a maximum of 10 analyses simultaneously.


Display: color VGA-TFT 640x480 7.1" touch screen

Keyboard: touch screen

Processor board: ARM imx51 @ 800 MHz -256 MB RAM

Operating system: Linux

Interface: USB

KHT dispenser: manual

Cleaning system: manual

Conductivity cell: 2 platinum electrodes

Thermometer probe: Pt 100 1/3 Din 3 wire

Wine sample mixer: with stepper motor

Bath mixer: CC motor

Heater: stainless steel 400 W.

Cooling system: 1/6 Hp, internal evaporator

Bathtub: stainless steel, capacity: 1.5 liters,

Container: steel with metallic finish

Dimensions: G505xS280xW420 mm

Weight: 28 kg

Model Scale
Analizator Criocheck, nr kat.: SQRQ066922 28 kg