Hyperlab Plus and Basic multi-parameter analyzer for wine

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  • Analysis of wine, other beverages and food samples
  • High analytical speed
  • Accurate analytical results
  • Fully automatic analysis
  • Low cost of measurements
  • Innovative software
  • Dimensions 60x66x50 cm
Hyperlab PLUS and BASIC analyzer is the most advanced solution for automating analytical control in the field of enology. The analytical results are extremely accurate and allow the user to work in a time-efficient manner, allowing for both improved quality analysis, cost optimization and additional benefits.

is an automatic multi-parameter analyzer with flexible random access, which means it can fully perform all manual handling procedures automatically.

The sampling arm, controlled by a microprocessor, performs sample collection, sample dilution (if required by the method) and reagent extraction. Both the sample and reagents are dispensed into the reaction cell and remain there long enough, at a constant and controlled temperature, to allow the reaction to take place completely. The reaction product is dispensed using a predetermined wavelength, and the resulting absorbance is expressed in concentration values using appropriate algorithms. During the process, washing phases occur between aspiration and dispensing cycles, thus avoiding the risk of contamination between reagents and samples. After the cuvette is dried, it undergoes a thorough optical inspection before carrying out this analysis.

Hyperlab's automation guarantees the highest accuracy and precision of data results, significantly reducing analysis costs by about seven times compared to manual methodologies. Hyperlab reagents are reduced to a minimum: a single assay requires less than 300 microliters.


Innovative software: Windows system, user-friendly features, touch screen technology, on/off with programmable startup, online support.
Monitor: information on programmed methods, selected analyses, number of analyses to run, calibration and status check.
Reagent panel: Displays the position of samples and their volumes.
Samples: Status display of samples. Ability to add, remove or modify samples during analysis.
Worklists: Unlimited worklists can be used simultaneously. Tests can be added or removed and automatically repeated if they are wrong. Kinetics reaction checks can be performed for individual tests.
Calibrations: Subtract reagent blanks from 1 to 8 calibrators for a single test.
Linear and nonlinear regressions with three types of data extrapolation: cubic, polynomial and log-logit.
Data processing: the results can be recalculated at the end of the analysis by correlating them with one or more fixed-value samples. The new regression line will show the value obtained by the recalculation.
Tests: All analyses for spectrophotometric determination can be automated.

Acetic acid, citric acid, D-gluconic acid, D-lactic acid, L-lactic acid, L-lactic acid, pyruvic acid, tartaric acid, acetaldehyde, anthocyanins, alpha-amino nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, calcium, catechins, Chlorides, Iron , Glycerol, Glucose / Fructose, Glucose / Fructose (for analysis of high sugar concentration on musts),Magnesium, Total Polyphenols, Potassium, Copper, Free and total SO2, Optical reference solution.

Other methods:
IC (color intensity 420 + 520), shade (420/520), ICM (modified color intensity 420 + 520 + 620), GRB (% of yellow, red and blue on total color is a necessary determination for products undergoing refining or micro-oxygenation).


VOLUME (Hyperlab Plus and Basic)
-Example: 2-300 µl, precision of 1% at 10 µl
-Reagent: 5-350 µl, precision <1% at 250 µl
-Reactant (sample + reagent): 220-350 µl
-Mixing in cuvette after dosing

DILUTION (Hyperlab Plus and Basic)
-Automatic programmable dilution for each sample
-Factors: 1: 1, 1: 4, 1:10, 1:40, 1: 100

-125 ... 200 analyses / hour - Hyperlab Plus
-100 ... 180 analyses / hour - Hyperlab Basic

TEMPERATURE CONTROL (Hyperlab Plus and Basic).
- Reagent cooled at 15 °C below ambient temperature
- Reading cuvette with programmable heating
- Reagent warming in suction needles

TYPES OF TESTS (Hyperlab Plus and Basic).
Endpoint, Bichromatic endpoint, Differential endpoint,
Differential endpoint blank samples, derivatives, time.

-60 sample items- Hyperlab Plus vials
-30 vials and 20 cups- Hyperlab Basic

-cooled tray for 30 items-Hyperlab Plus
-26 item refrigerated tray- Hyperlab Basic

- Ceramic glass needle, capacity sensor, reagent preheating - Hyperlab Plus
- Stainless steel needle, capacitance sensor, optional reagent heating - Hyperlab Basic

ROTOR (Hyperlab Plus and Basic)
80 BIONEX cuvettes individually exchangeable, more than 20,000 tests

-6 dispensing needles for washing solution, 6 suction needles, 1 drying needle, 8 washing cycles for each cuvette
-Hyperlab Plus dispensing needles -4 for washing solution, 5 suction needles, 1 drying needle, 6 washing cycles for each cuvette - Hyperlab Basic

OPTICAL GROUP (Hyperlab Plus and Basic)
-1 halogen lamp (6 V, 10 W) with enhanced UV emission, 2 focusing lenses,
-position interference filters, 8 positions with interference filters 340, 420, 520, 546, 578, 620, 650, 700 mm, 1 free position and 1 for dark reading.

DATA PROCESSING (Hyperlab Plus and Basic).
Results can be recalculated at the end of the analysis by correlating them with one or more fixed-value samples

INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE (Hyperlab Plus and Basic).
Extremely user-friendly. Optimized random system allows the user to work efficiently and comfortably. Operating system: Windows

-2x20lt plastic for washing and draining, Hyperlab Plus plastic tanks
-2x5lt for wash and drain- Hyperlab Basic

-Available - Hyperlab Plus
-Unavailable Hyperlab Basic

DIMENSIONS (Hyperlab Plus and Basic)
LxDxH 60x66x50 cm

- 38Kg Hyperlab Plus
- 32Kg Hyperlab Basic

WORKING CONDITIONS (Hyperlab Plus and Basic).
- Max relative humidity 16-30 ° C 80%

POWER SUPPLY (Hyperlab Plus and Basic).
-240 / 100Vac, 50/60 Hz single-phase with ground

POWER ABSORPTION (Hyperlab Plus and Basic).
-Less than 200 VA (excluding external PC
Model Parameter
Analizator wieloparametrowy Hyperlab Plus SQRQ060129
Analizator wieloparametrowy Hyperlab Basic SQRQ074351

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