Valor 1000 industrial scale

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  • scale without legalization / with legalization - depending on the model
  • many models
  • battery power supply, optional AC adapter
  • backlit LCD display
  • NSF certified
  • selectable units of measure: g, kg, lb, oz
Valor 1000 industrial scale is a compact scale. It will be great for catering establishments, in the process of weighing food. The equipment is NSF certified and can be used in HACCP systems. It has a solid ABS housing and a stainless steel pan, which can be removed for thorough cleaning. It features a backlit LCD display, with intuitive two-button operation. Starting batteries are included. The scale has non-slip feet, with adjustable height. Measurement stabilization time of about 2 seconds.

The display of scales without legalization allows reading only from the operator's side, while scales with legalization are additionally equipped with a display from the customer's side.

The scales in this series have four units of measurement to choose from: g, kg, lb, oz

  • programs: weighing - choice of mass unit
  • display: LCD, with white backlighting
  • power supply: alkaline battery type D, power supply, rechargeable battery (accessory)
  • communication: RS232 connector (optional)
  • construction: ABS (housing), stainless steel (pan)
  • additional: built-in level, transport handles, adjustable feet

Technical specification:
Model Maximum measurement range [kg] Elementary plot d [g] Legalization Size of pan [mm] Internal battery
V12P3 3 0,5 no 245 x 190 optional
V12P6 6 1 no 245 x 190 optional
V12P15 15 2 no 245 x 190 optional
V12P30 30 5 no 245 x 190 optional
V12P3-M 3 1 yes - M 245 x 190 optional
V12P6-M 6 2 yes - M 245 x 190 optional
V12P15-M 15 5 yes - M 245 x 190 optional
V12P30-M 30 10 yes - M 245 x 190 optional
Model Measurement range Reading accuracy
V12P3 3 kg 0,5 g
V12P6 6 kg 1 g
V12P15 15 kg 2 g
V12P30 30 kg 5 g
V12P3-M 3 kg 1 g
V12P6-M 6 kg 2 g
V12P15-M 15 kg 5 g
V12P30-M 30 kg 10 g