Shaker with rocking or waving motion with incubation

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  • Speed boost function
  • Rocking motion
  • Electronic control

OHAUS' innovative rocking or undulating motion incubation shakers are designed for sample incubation where precision and repeatability of results are important. Rocking motion shakers produce a swing-like motion, while rippling motion shakers provide a gentle undulating motion in three dimensions. All models feature independent displays with an intuitive touch panel. Both models are equipped with safety features that protect both the user and the samples.


  • Electronic controls allow simple adjustment of angle, speed and temperature while the unit is running for optimal blending.
  • The unit achieves repeatable results you can trust. The intuitive touch panel allows you to precisely adjust the tilt angle in 1° increments, change the speed in 1 rpm increments and set the temperature in 1°C increments.
  • An innovative speed boost function allows the device to slowly reach the desired speed to prevent splashing. The smoothness of the rocking or waving motion is taken care of by a unique, state-of-the-art motor and electronic system.


Hybridizations, cell cultures, labeling techniques, staining and decolorizing gels

Detailed Features:

Display: Clear and independent LED displays for temperature, speed/tilt angle and time allow you to view all settings simultaneously,

Power: Detachable power cable (included),

Communication: N/A.

Construction: Die-cast aluminum housing with polycarbonate cover,

Design Features: Spill-resistant design, Overload protection with audible/visual alarm on digital models and audible alarm on analog models, High temperature indicator.

Technical specification:

Shaker type rocking shaker waving shaker
Control Digital
Type of movement rocking, 0 – 15° waving, 0 – 20°
Speed range 1 - 50 rpm 1 - 30 rpm
Speed accuracy ± 1 rpm
Temperature range from + 5°C above ambient to 65°C
Temperature uniformity ± 0,5°C at 37°C
Maximum load 4,5 kg 2,3 kg
Timer from 1 second to 160 hours
Drive system stepper motor
Included tray (L x W) 254 × 191 mm 235 × 184 mm
Power 420 W
Catalog No 30391975 30391982
Model Description
ISRK04HDG rocking motion
ISWV02HDG waving motion

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