Hydrostatic scale AlcoDens

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The AlcoDens hydrostatic balance makes it possible to determine the alcohol content in accordance with the OIV method and EU regulations.

- Alcohol content by volume: 0-100% V/V
- Density reading at 20°C
- Resolution: 0,01% vol/vol
- Accuracy and repeatability: 0,02% V/V
- Total dry extract from 0,0 to 505,8 g/L
- Evaluation of musts expressed in: Baume, Babo, Mass density scale
- Creation of password-protected user profiles
- Float volume correction both in distilled water and using known solutions
- Scale calibration and zeoring

Technical specification:
- 5" colour display for easy parameter selection
- Integrated densimetry measurement management software
- Automatic balance calibration with internal weight for always accurate results
- 2 sippers (20mL) and 2 double-walled beakers (75mL) included with the instruments
- Integrated RS232 port for printer connection
- USB port for saving data on a memory stick
- All data and results are visible on the scale screen, so there is no need to connect to other data processing tools
Model Measurement range
AlcoDens nr kat.: VAAS088926 0-100%