BOD measurement for self-monitoring OxiTop IS 6/IS 12

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  • High precision
  • 6 stations expandable to 12
  • Mains power supply
  • Automatic memory of measurements for 5 days
  • Closed pressure measurement system
  • Adjustable sample volume
  • AutoTemp function
  • Manual reading of measurements

Complete set for 6 measurement stations, expandable to 12 with IS 12 mixing base, 230V/50/60 Hz mains power supply and 6 OxiTop® heads and other accessories. OxiTop measurements consist of pressure measurements in a closed system: the microorganisms in the sample consume oxygen and produce CO2,absorbed by NaOH, in the process. A negative pressure is created, which as a measurement value can be directly read in mg/l. The sample volume can be adjusted depending on the amount of oxygen available to make a complete BOD measurement. With varying volumes, measurements can be made in the measurement range up to 4,000 mg/l. OxiTop heads have an AutoTemp function: when the sample temperature is too cold, the measurement is automatically delayed until the temperature stabilizes, usually it takes 1 hour. In addition to the automatic memory of 5 measurement values (1 value per day), measurement values can be read manually both during and after 5 days, improving control.

Model Measurement range [o] Parameter The memory of the results
IS 6/ IS 12 0 – 4000 mgO2/l Routine BOD 5 days

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