BOD measurement for self-monitoring Controller OC 100 and OC 110

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  • Power supply 3 alkaline sticks (AA, 1.5 V)
  • IR interface; RS 232 for communication with PC
  • Measurement time 0.5 h - 99 days
  • Dimension 45 x 100 x 200 mm
  • Weight approximately 390 g
  • 100 measuring heads
  • Graphical readout of results
  • Achat OC software
  • GLP and AQS compliant

Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is one of the most important measurement quantities in water management. It makes it possible to determine the load of biologically degradable compounds in water and wastewater. OC series devices allow managing parallel measurements and grouping up to 100 OxiTop measuring heads. BOD determination results are autonomously recalculated and rearranged in graphical form. Communication is possible even through the closed, transparent door of the thermostatic cabinet. With the Achat OC software, protocol and the necessary data documentation takes place via PC. The device is fully GLP and AQS compliant, along with fixed calibration intervals using OxiTop PM tablets.

Technical specification:

Technical specification OC 100 OC 110
Applications BOD of routine,
BOD standards
Routine and standard BOD,
Non-routine BOD: respiration/consumption, soil respiration, biodegradation, Biogas determination
BOD range 0 – 4000 mgO2/l 0 – 400 000 mgO2/l
Memory of measurement values 0,5 h – 99 days 0,5 h – 99 days
Pressure measurement / 500 – 1350 hPa
Volume of the sample Set Defined



Model Measurement range [o] Parameter
OC 100 0 – 4000 mgO2/l BOD routine, BOD standards
OC 110 0 – 400000 mgO2/l Routine and standard BOD, non-standard BOD

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