Diaphragm pumps up to 1.5 mbar VACUUBRAND

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- innovative connections in new NT models ensure very low leakage rates, providing excellent vacuum flow rates and long-term performance stability, even after thousands of hours of operation.
- long diaphragm life: made of highly flexible FKM, reinforced with fabric.
- new patented drive assist system on NT pump models ensures extremely quiet operation.
- precise vacuum control by modifying the speed of the diaphragm pump to the needs of the application
- unparalleled diaphragm and valve life by reducing the total number of diaphragm strokes
- low energy consumption
- include patented TURBO - MODE with automatic speed control (VARIO® Pumps)
VACUUBRAND aluminum diaphragm pumps are ideal for many laboratory applications because they are oil-free and very quiet, and because they require so little maintenance. The diaphragms have a particularly long service life and hermetically seal the drive space from the pumping chamber to protect mechanical parts from corrosion. The pumps achieve their distinctly high performance due to the large volume of the pumping chamber relative to the minimal dead space. Highly flexible FKM double diaphragms with fabric reinforcement ensure extremely long diaphragm life. The pumps operate completely oil-free. In normal operation, they are completely free of abrasion. This makes VACUUBRAND diaphragm pumps the right choice for clean applications.


Diaphragm pumps without vacuum control

Diaphragm pumps with manual vacuum control

to 1.5 mbar


Degassing of viscous media

Support of broadband turbo pumps

MD 1


MD 12 NT

MD 4 VARIO select

MD 12 VARIO select

Pumps used in many vacuum applications in laboratories and industrial operations that require electronic vacuum control.

Model Performance [dm3/h] Options
MD 1 pump Cat. no.: 20696080 1,2/1,4 m3/h -
MD 4 NT pump Cat. no.: 20736000 3,8/4,3 m3/h -
MD 4 VARIO select pump Cat. no.: 20736350 5,7 m3/h VACUU-SELECT controller
MD 12 NT pump Cat. no.: 20743000 12,1/13,3 m3/h -
MD 12 VARIO select pump Cat. no.: 20743150 16,0 m3/h VACUU-SELECT controller