Shaker with reciprocating movement

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  • reciprocating motion
  • Ball bearings
  • Speed calibration
  • Digital control
  • Brushless DC motor

OHAUS reciprocating shakers are designed for a wide range of applications requiring accuracy and repeatability of results, such as cell culture, extraction processes, mixing blood samples, gel staining and solubility testing. The reciprocating motion in both directions features a 19 mm stroke.  It is ideal for both gentle and vigorous mixing of separation funnels, for which a robust platform has been designed. The optimized speed boost function allows the mixer to slowly reach the desired speed, preventing splashes.

Device Features:

  • Flexible device for the laboratory - our multifunctional reciprocating shakers can be customized to meet the needs of a particular workflow using a variety of accessories
  • The reciprocating motion is ideal for both gentle and vigorous mixing of separation funnels, for which a robust platform is provided. Other optional platforms are also available for flask clamps, carrier bottles and tube racks
  • Designed with safety in mind - an optimized speed boost function allows the machine to slowly ramp up to the desired speed to prevent splashes.Load sensor detects imbalance and automatically reduces rpm to a safe speed to protect samples


  • Chemical extractions
  • Mixing blood samples
  • Gel staining
  • Cell cultures
  • Solubility studies


Detailed Features:

Display: Independent LED displays (speed/time) allow both settings to be viewed simultaneously,

Programs: Chemical extractions, mixing blood samples, gel staining, cell cultures, solubility studies ,

Power: Detachable power cable (included),

Communication: N/A.

Construction: Cold-rolled steel (CRS),

Design features: Built-in tray (28 x 33 cm) and non-slip rubber mat (included).

A range of retrofits is available, including: platforms, test tube and microtube racks, rotating racks, flask and bottle clamps, and microplate clamps.

Technical specification:

Model* SHRC0719DG
Control Digital
Movement reciprocating, 19 mm
Speed range  [rpm] From 20 to 300
Speed accuracy [rpm] ±1, above 100 ±1% to the set speed
Max load [kg] 6.8
Timer From 1 second to 160 hours
Calibration speed calibration
Communication RS232 (included)
Operating conditions From -10°C do 60°C, relative humidity 80%, non-condensing
Drive system Brushless motor DC; single eccentricity
Tray included [D × S] [mm] 279  × 330
Power [W] 40
Catalog No. 30391830

*Built-in tray (28 x 33 cm) and non-slip rubber mat (included).

Model Speed ​​[rpm]
SHRC0719DG From 20 to 300 rpm

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