1-block heating blocks

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  • 1 block
  • Interchangeable blocks possible
  • High repeatability of results
  • Digital or analog control
Versatile heating blocks for everyday use with accessories for every application

The devices can use optional interchangeable blocks (more than 40 options). The blocks are easy to use and require no tools. The close contact between the tube and the block allows maximum heat retention, increasing heating efficiency. Digital models offer exceptionally even and stable temperatures, ensuring repeatable results, but analog models are a more economical solution. They are ideal for cell culture incubation and activation processes, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling temperature measurement, isothermal incubation or nucleic acid denaturation.

Standard features:

  • Reliable devices for everyday use
Designed for reliable, everyday use in the laboratory. Digital and analog heating blocks offer exceptionally even and extremely stable temperatures.
  • Single-point calibration
Digital models offer a unique one-point calibration function to match the heating block display to a known outdoor temperature pattern for 3 temperature setpoints.
  • Touch panels on digital models
Digital models have easy-to-use touch panels with independent LED displays that show temperature and time. The rugged analog models are controlled by a dual dial for temperature control.
  • Safety at work

    Digital models have an audible alarm.


Control Analog Digital
Temperature range Low range: ambient temp. + 5°C – 100°C;
High range: 75°C – 150°C
Ambient temp. + 5°C – 120°C
Stability at 37°C ± 1,5°C ± 0,2°C
Stability in the block at temp. 37°C ± 0,4°C ± 0,2°C
Heating time to 100°C ≤16 min
Temperature calibration N/A
Number of blocks 1
Protection against overheating N/A 10°C above the defined value
Work conditions 18°C to 33°C, relative humidity 20-89%, non-cpndensing
Power supply 230 V, 0,5 A, 50/60 Hz
Power (W) 110
Dimensions (W × L × H) mm 203 × 315 × 89
Net weight (kg) 2.5
Catalog no 30392047 30392061
Model Working temperature
HB1AL Low range: Ambient temp. + 5°C - 100°C; High range: 75°C - 150°C
HB1DG Ambient temp. + 5°C - 120°C

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