Krüss microscopes

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  • High quality
  • Integrated lighting
  • Precise adjustment selection
  • 45° inclination
  • Equipped with a rotating optical head
  • Durable metal tripod

A.KRÜSS high quality microscopes are known for their excellent image quality. They are ideal for many applications in the laboratory, teaching and production. All models are inclined at 45° and equipped with a rotating optical head. A sturdy metal tripod provides high stability, and selectable adjustments facilitate precise work. The microscopes are equipped with integrated illumination.

  • Monocular microscope - MML series
  • Binocular microscope - MBL2000 series
  • Inverted microscope - MBL3200
  • Metallurgical microscope - MBL3300
  • Stereoscopic microscope - MSL4000
  • Professional stereoscopic microscope - MSZ5000
  • MKTV5 and MKTV5-Display microscope camera
Model Description
MML 45° inclination angle
MBL2000 45° inclination angle
MBL3200 45° inclination angle
MBL3300 45° inclination angle
MSL4000 45° inclination angle
MSZ5000 45° inclination angle

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