Mechanical stirrer Achiever

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  • Reliable and extremely efficient
  • For everyday use
  • Brushless motor
  • Tool-free configuration
  • Five available models

ACHIEVER™5000 MECHANICAL STIRRERS reliable and extremely powerful, are designed for daily use. The brushless motor and torque compensation technology provide high efficiency and consistent mixing speed. This allows you to mix viscous liquids in a precise and controlled manner without excessive noise. Thanks to the keyless handle, it is possible to configure them more easily, without the use of tools.

Quick and easy replacement of the head shaft is carried out with one hand. The special design saves lab workers time and reduces their workload. The device is designed with safety in mind. A lock button prevents accidental speed changes, and motor overload detection technology stops mixing before an overload occurs, protecting the sample.

The mixers are ideal for mixing, dissolving, emulsification dispersion and homogenization processes in the food, cosmetic, paint/coatings, pharmaceutical, chemical, adhesive materials, plastics/polymers and cement/construction industries. Five models are available with torques up to 200 Ncm and capacities up to 100 l.


  • Easy-to-read digital LED display with speed indication, current torque trend and built-in timer
  • Mixing with speed from 6 to 2000 rpm, accuracy of 1 rpm and maximum torque from 20 Ncm to 200 Ncm, depending on the model, stable torque at any speed, capacity from 25 l to 100 l
  • IP54-rated hermetically sealed aluminum housing, keyless handle for easy one-handed operation, brushless motor for quiet operation, and main power switch
  • Compact design for easy operation, simple knob control, lock button to prevent accidental changes in settings, full overload and over-temperature protection

A range of accessories is available, including mixing tips and accessory stands.

Technical data:

Model RPM range [rpm] Max load (H2O) [L] Visocit of the sample
[mPa s] [max]
Maximum torque [Ncm]   Catalog no
e-A51ST020 30-2000 do 25 10000 20 30586763
e-A51ST040 30-2000 do 25 25000 40 30586764
e-A51ST060 30-2000 do 40 50000 60 30586765
e-A51ST100 30-1300 do 100 70000 100 30586766
e-A51ST200  6-400(I)
do 100 100000 200 30586767


Accessories Catalog no
Standard universal joint -H 30586771
Pneoumatic telescopic tripod-H 30586772
Holder 30586773
Chain holder for the flask 30586774
Mixer shaft 45 x 0.7 cm, anchor-shaped 30586775
Mixer shaft 45 x 0.7 cm, paddle-shaped 30586776
Mixer shaft 40 x 0.7 cm, 2 folding floating blades 30586777
Stirring shaft 40 x 0.7 cm, 2 blades 30586778
 Mixer shaft 45 x 0.7 cm, paddle/spindle 6 holes 30586779
Mixer shaft 40 x 0.7 cm, propeller shaped ( 3 propellers) 30586780
Mixer shaft 45 x 0.7 cm, Turbine 30586781
Mixer Shaft 45 x 0.7 cm, Turbo Turbine 30586782
Cover for e-A51 30586842
Model Speed ​​range [rpm]
e-A51ST020 30-2000
e-A51ST040 30-2000
e-A51ST060 30-2000
e-A51ST100 30-1300
e-A51ST200  6-400 (I) / 30-2000 (II)

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