O-ZON ozone generators

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  • Discharge technology
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses and germs
  • Effective in hard-to-reach areas
  • Designed for air detoxification
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • High ozone output
Ozone (O3) is a very strongly oxidizing molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms. It exists as a gas and under normal conditions in the air it decomposes very quickly into normal oxygen (O2). Due to its strong oxidizing effect, it is one of the most potent disinfectants. If it is artificially generated in an ozone generator, it can be used very effectively against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. In this way, entire rooms can be quickly and effectively disinfected without the use of expensive chemicals and without significant effort. Ozonation is carried out outside working hours, such as at night. The built-in timer automatically turns the ozone generator on and off at the desired time. The next morning, the excess ozone dissipates and you can re-enter the room.

O-zon A/10g

O-zon A/20g

O-zon 50 PRO

O-zon 150 PRO
Power supply 220-240 / 50-60 Hz 220-240 / 50-60 Hz 220-240 / 50-60 Hz 220-24 / 50-60 Hz
Power 150 W 300 W 750 W 2750 W
Ozone efficiency 10000mg/h 20000mg/h 50000mg/h 150000mg/h
Dimensions 38x52x20cm 38x25x20cm 53x53x30cm 85x54x62cm
Weight 4,5 kg 6,5 kg 20 kg 42 kg

Model Description
Ozone genartor O-zone A/10g Efficiency: 10 g / godz.
Ozone generator O-zone A/20g Efficiency: 20 g / godz.
Ozone generator O-zon 50 PRO Efficiency: 50 g / godz.
Ozone generator O-zone 150 PRO Efficiency: 150 g / godz.

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