ProRheo Viscometers

  • Viscometers R1 series

    Viscometers R1 series

    Producer: proRheo

    Nr CAT:

    Measurement range: 50 - 300 000 mPas, 0,002 - 10.000 Pas

    Rotational speed [rpm]: 62,5, 5 - 1000, 5 – 1000


A viscometer is otherwise known as a viscosity meter. This device is designed to quickly and reliably determine the viscosity of liquids under laboratory and factory conditions. Primarily for production control, inspection of incoming goods, and quality assurance. It is very easy to use and has a wide measurement range. It has a zero-point calibration function, a digital viscosity display, and continuously shows the viscosity value. The viscometer has many applications, such as testing paints and varnishes, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics. It is also used in plastic surgery. Viscometer data can be stored and transferred to a printer or computer.